See pricing below for iPhone, iPad, iPod and data recovery

iPhone 8 

   Screen and LCD replacement         $199.00

iPhone 7 Plus

   Screen and LCD replacement         $179.00

iPhone 7                                                

  Screen & LCD replacement             $139.00             


iPhone 6s plus

    Screen & LCD replacement             $139.00

iPhone 6s

    Screen & LCD replacement             $109.00


iPhone 6 plus                                                                          

    Screen & LCD replacement             $109.00

    Battery                                               $69.00


iPhone 6

   Screen & LCD replacement              $99.00

    Battery                                                $69.00


iPhone SE

   Screen and & LCD replacement        $109.00

   Battery                                                  $69.00

iPhone 5s

  Screen and LCD replacement            $79.00

   Battery                                                 $69.00


iPhone 5c

   Screen and LCD replacement          $79.00

   Battery                                                $69.00


iPhone 5                                         

   Screen and LCD replacement           $79.00

   Battery                                                 $69.00


iPhone 4s

   Screen and LCD replacement           $79.00

   Battery                                                 $69.00


iPad 2

   Screen replacement                            $99.00

   Battery                                                  $89.00

   LCD                                                       $99.00

   LCD and screen                                   $149.00


iPad 3

   Screen replacement                           $99.00

   Battery                                                 $99.00

   LCD                                                      $109.00

   LCD and screen                                  $159.00        


iPad 4

   Screen replacement                          $119.00

   Battery                                                $99.00

   LCD                                                     $109.00

   LCD and screen                                 $159.00


iPad Air

   Screen replacement                          $139.00

   Battery                                                $109.00

   LCD                                                     $139.00

   LCD and screen                                 $179.00


iPad Air 2

   Screen and LCD replacement          $219.00

   Battery                                                $109.00


iPad Mini 1

   Screen replacement                            $119.00

   Battery                                                  $99.00

   LCD                                                       $109.00

   LCD and screen                                    $159.00


iPad Mini 2  retina display

   Screen replacement                             $119.00

   Battery                                                   $99.00

   LCD                                                        $139.00

   LCD and screen                                    $179.00


iPad Mini 3

    Screen replacement                             $129.00

     Battery                                                  $109.00

     LCD                                                       $139.00

     LCD and screen                                   $179.00


iPad Mini 4

    Screen replacement                            $219.00

     Battery                                                  $109.00


iPod 4

   Screen and LCD replacement             $79.00


iPod 5

   Screen and LCD replacement              $119.00


iPod 6

   Screen and LCD replacement              $129.00


Water/liquid damage- Successful water damage starts at $25.00. What does this mean? When you bring us your water damaged device we take it completely apart, clean any corrosion or minerals using our state of the art equipment. This cleaning process is the key aspect of this repair because corrosion starts quickly and it has to be cleaned correctly. After the cleaning process, we put your device back together and test it. If we recover your data from the device or get the device to power up the cost will be $125, if we are unable to get your data the cost is $25. Many times after the cleaning process we are able to repair the phone enough to retrieve your contacts, photographs and other important information.


In some cases, it may take additional parts to get your device in working order. We will not add any additional parts to your bill without your approval. We will explain to you all the facts and lay out all your options concerning your device. We understand that it's important to have all the information you need to make an informed decision about your device. No work will be done without your final word. Water damage repair generally takes between 24 and 72 hours to complete depending on the level of damage.


Diagnostic service- $25.00 we will see what is going on with your device, to determine what is causing the problem; battery, software issues, no power, screen, LCD, logic board , charging ports, or what is damaged. After the diagnostic is performed we will speak with you regarding the repair process. If you decide to not repair your phone your cost is $25, if you decide to repair your device with DC LifeTech the $25.00 fee will be waived. 


DC LifeTech also replaces, charging ports, home button, front camera, rear camera, and speakers. Contact DC LifeTech for pricing.














Please click on the FAQ button above which will explain in detail; the cost of new cellphone versus repairing, carrier insurance claim versus repairing, personal data being exposed, warranty issues, and many other questions. If you still have any questions contact DC LifeTech, and we will be happy to help you.

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